Travel (mm) X-axis 850 mm
Y-axis 600 mm
Z-axis 650 mm
Distance (mm) Spindel center to column 610 mm
Spindel nose to table 130-780 mm
Table Table (LXW) (mm) 1000 x 500 mm
Dimesnsion of T-slot (mm) 5 x 18 x 100 mm
Max. table load (kg) 700 kgs
Spindle Spindle Taper-40 BT/CAT/DIN (HSK Opt.)
Spindle motor- cont/ 30min (kW) 7.5-11 kW (11-15kW Opt.)
Belt drive spindle (Taper-40) 8000rpm (10000rpm and 12000rpm Opt.)
Direct driver spindle (Taper-40) 10000rpm, 12000rpm and 15000rpm Opt.
Build-in spindle (Taper-40/ HSK-E40/50/63) 20000rpm / 30000rpm Opt.
Belt drive spindle (Taper-50) N/A
Direct driver spindle (Taper-50) N/A
ATC ATC-Swing Arm type 24 tools Opt.
ATC-Chain type N/A
Feed Rate Rapid feed rate-X/Y/Z 36/36/32 m/min
Axis feed motor- X/Y/Z 2.0/2.0/3.0 kW
Cutting feed rates by table 10 m/min
X ballscrew (dia. x pitch) 40 x 12 mm
Y ball screw (dia. x pitch) 40 x 12 mm
Z ball screw (dia. x pitch) 40 x 12 mm
Linear guide width ( X/Y/Z) 35mmx2 / 45mmx2 / 35mmx2
Machine Power consumption KVA (Transformer) 35 KVA
Pneumatic Supplier kg/ cm2 5.5-6.5 kg/cm2
Coolant tank capacity 350 liter
Floor space requirement 2620 x 2090 cm
Floor space requirement (with conveyor) 3650 x 2090 cm
Machine weight 6500 kgs
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