APEC G-SERIES 5 axis gantry machines


Specification Unit G2520/3020
X-axis mm 2,000
Y-axis mm 2,500/3,000
Z-axis mm 1,000
Rapid traverse m /min XY=60 Z=40
X.Y.Z-axis acceleration m/sec² 5
Spindle taper HSK63A
Spindle speed rpm 24,000
Spindle power
kW 35/42
Spindle torque
Nm 55.6/67.2
Recommended 2-axis head Mono Support Milling Head
Swivel/Rotation Speed Nm A=529/869
Swivel/Rotation Torque rpm A=C=30(cont)/60(max)
Swivel/Rotation Angle deg A=±125° C=±360°
Clamping Torque Nm A=4,000 C=4,000
Tool shank pcs 30T
Max. tool length mm 300
Max. tool diameter with
adjacent tool
mm Ø75
Max. tool diameter
without an adjacent tool
mm Ø150
Weight tons. 35-65
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