Model VMC-137 VMC-168
Spindle Spindle Taper NO.50
Transmission Belt/Gear
Spindle Speed 8,000/6,000 r.p.m.
Table Table Size 1,400mm x 710mm 1800mm x 815mm
(55.12″ x 27.95″) (70.87″ x 32.09″)
T-Slot Size 18mm x 6 x 125mm 18mm x 5 x 150mm
(0.71″ x 6 x 4.92″) (0.71″ x 5 x 5.91″)
Work Area 1,300mm x 700mm 1,600mm x 800mm
(51.18″ x 27.56″) (63″ x 31.50″)
Max. Table Load 1,600kgs (3,520lbs) 2,000kgs (4,400lbs)
Travel & Feedrate X Axis 1,300mm (51.18″) 1600mm (63.00″)
Y Axis 700mm (27.56″) 800mm (31.50″)
Z Axis 650mm (25.59″) 700mm (27.56″)
Distance from Spindle Nose to Table 200~850mm 200~900mm
(7.87″~33.46″) (7.87″~35.43″)
Distance from Spindle Center to Column Ways 755mm (29.72″) 855mm (33.66″)
Rapid Traverse X, Y =15 M/Min (590IPM)
Z=12 M/ Min (472IPM)
Cutting Feedrate X, Y, Z: 1~10,000mm/min (393 IPM)
ATC Tool Shank BT/CAT-50
Pull Stud MAS P50T-1(45º)
Magazine Capacity 24 Tools
Max. Tool Diameter Ø250mm(9.84″)
(with adjacent pocket empty)
Max. Tool Diameter Ø125mm(4.92″)
(Full Storage)
Max. Tool Length 300mm (11.81″)
Max. Tool Weight 15kgs (33lbs)
ATC Type CAM Driven Arm Type
Motor Spindle (Cont./30min.) 18.5/22Kw (25/30 HP) Belt
15/18.5Kw (20/25 HP) Gear
X/Y/Z Axes (Fanuc) 4.0Kw (5.45 HP)
Lubrication Pump 0.025Kw (0.033 HP)
Coolant Pump 0.49Kw (0.66 HP)
Machine Height 3,130mm (124″) 3,320mm (131″)
Floor Space 3,600mm x 3,455mm 4,740mm x 3,298mm
(141.73″ x 136″) (186.61″ x 129.85″)
Machine Weight 12,000kgs (26,400 lbs) 15,000kgs (33,000 lbs)
Control Fanuc 0iMF
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