Model Unit A-14
Spindle Spindle Taper NO.40/NO.50
Transmission Belt Driven (BT-40)/Belt Driven (BT-50)
Spindle Speed r.p.m. P8000 (BT-40)/P8000 (BT-50)
Spindle Diameter mm 150 (BT-40)/190 (BT-50)
Table Table Size mm 1550 x 700
T-Slot mm 5x18x125
Max. Table Load kgs 1400
Travel & Feedrate X Axis mm 1400
Y Axis mm 700
Z Axis mm 700
Distance from Spindle Nose to Table mm 120 ~ 820
Distance from Spindle Center to Surface of Column Way mm 820
Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z) M/Min X,Y,Z:32/32/24
Cutting Feedrate mm/min X,Y,Z: 1 ~ 10,000
ATC Tool Shank BT-40/BT-50
Pull Stud MAS P40T-1(45°)/MAS P50T-1(45°)
Magazine Capacity pcs 24
Max. Tool Diameter (Full Storage) mm φ80/φ125(for BT-40)/φ125/φ250 (for BT-50)
Max. Tool Length mm 300
Max. Tool Weight kgs 6 (BT-40)/15 (BT-50)
ATC Type Arm Type
Motor For Spindle (Cont./30 min) kw 7.5/11(10/15) BT-40/ 11/15(15/20) BT-50
X/Y/Z Axis kw 04-04-07
Ball screw X Axis (Diameter/Pitch/Accuracy) φ45/P12/C3
Y Axis (Diameter/Pitch/Accuracy) φ45/P12/C3
Z Axis (Diameter/Pitch/Accuracy) φ45/P12/C3
Triaxial Bearings 35TAC72B/(4/2)
(Motor End / Bearing End)
Three axes linear guide way X Axis 45mm Width Roller Linear Guideways / 3 Slider / 2-Track
Y Axis 45mm Width Roller Linear Guideways / 2 Slider / 4-Track
Z Axis 45mm Width Roller Linear Guideways / 3 Slider / 2-Track
Misc. Machine Height mm 3200
Machine Space mm 3800*3350
Machine Weight kgs 8650
Controller OiMF
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